Why commission a work of art?

A commissioned work of art is an excellent way to remember a special person, place or event for yourself, a family member or a friend. Portraits, landscapes, vacations, summer cottages, honeymoons, pets, and prized livestock or possessions are all suitable subjects to commemorate. An original work of art will keep its value and be a cherished memento throughout the years, generation after generation.

Midsummer Fest

Commissioning an original pastel is simple. You will be required to supply photos of the subject and/or the desired landscape or background. Preliminary rough sketches will be provided to determine the look of the final work. Depending upon how quickly agreement is reached concerning treatment of the subject and availability of reference material, you can expect the entire process to take from four to six weeks. Once an agreement is reached, a deposit of half of the agreed upon purchase price will be required, and the work on the final painting will begin. Final payment is due prior to delivery, and a digital image can be e-mailed to you for your approval before shipping. Commissioned pastels are carefully rolled and shipped in a sturdy mailing tube. Price will depend on size and complexity of the finished, unframed piece. Size or shape may be limited by the availability of the paper stock. Matting and framing will be your responsibility as you will want to suit the color and style of your décor.

Out to Pasture

Copyright to the final work is retained by the artist. All work is done with the finest pastel pigments on sanded-surface papers. Pastels are pure pigments, and will last as long or longer than oils, and, unlike oils, will not yellow over time. For further inquiries, please see the contact page.

Thank You!