Good news for friends, patrons and collectors!

I have been elected a “Signature Member” of the Pastel Society of America, a prestigious national organization based in New York City with only about 600 Signature Members worldwide. This top honor grants me the distinction of using the initials “PSA” (Pastel Society of America) after my signature on all pastel paintings, and any art correspondence. A selected panel of jurors and Master Pastelists have judged my work qualified to be exhibited with the highest ranking. Consequently, the value of my artwork that you own has appreciated with my inclusion in this organization as a Signature Member. Many thanks to those who have invested in my work and career.

Carol Schloss, PSA

Beached by the Rains

Beached by the Rain

A few words about my background and approach to art

Educated at the Cleveland Institute of Art with a 5-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design, I spent over 30 years in Philadelphia as a Graphic Designer and Art Director.

An opportunity to relocate brought my family to Cody, Wyoming, and a pastel class re-launched me into the fine arts, as I became enthralled with  the marvelously pure colors of pastels. My draftsmanship and drawing skills combined well with pastels and my love of color and light.

I approach my work with a sense of purpose and responsibility. I want to learn, to grow, to challenge myself. To that end I will push limits, try new techniques, break a few rules, scrape a few knees. I think the animating force of my work is color. Drawing provides the bones and framework, but to enhance the color I play with values and complements, layering and underpainting to approximate reality in an impressionistic way. A shorthand, if you will, for letting your eye and distance fill in the details.

Now relocated in British Columbia after 10 years in the American West, I’m an enthusiast of all things wild and natural, drawing on my years as a designer for composition, pattern and color. I’m honored to have been a winner of numerous awards and commissions, to have work in private collections across the country, and to have been exhibited across the western United States and Canada. Represented in a number of galleries over the years, I continue to invest a great amount of my time and energy in creating beautiful art.